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Pythagorus -2018 Limited Edition Centurion Olive Oil

Bellina Classic Motors

Maserati 3200GT Sofa
Private Event held each September
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Olive trees aged over 200 years basking in the southern sun of Spain next to the Cabo de Gata in the  Mediterranean sea and shadowed by the Sierra de Cabreras which produces one of the cleanest waters. Privately secluded and strictly maintained to produce the best and most exclusive oil.  

Kurosawa Sushi Experience 

Personal sushi chef for daily or special occasions. 

Business and Life have no set times. We find it important to keep health and personal peace in mind during the work day. Providing exquisite haute cuisine to those who are busy keeping their mind on work and not on the time!

Singular and Limited edition products created for both personal use and collection items.  Details and exclusivity are imperative!

Classic vehicles and Blog since 2009

Seal that guarantees quality and singularity of products that deserve our attention. Designed for persons who daily desire quality in everything. 

Each September the Bellina- Lishner family provides for their children and community a private classical concert. Taking only the best musicians from around the globe. 

Bellina Moda is not just a luxury magazine but an informative reference for collectors and persons with refined tastes and interest in exclusive products and culture.

Visit www.bellinamoda.com for a preview. First printing and virtual magazine coming in 2019.  

Online delicatessen featuring the best gourmet products from wines to desserts

New project in development by Bellina Holding LTD.

 A revolutionary way to provide opportunities to those who want to work world wide. 

Bellina Classic Records

Taking hidden and progressive talent of the world .